2010-09-23 11:57:54     PIPE Error

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2010-09-23 11:57:54     PIPE Error

Daniel Tripp (UNITED STATES)

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In a Blackfin application I am building, I'm see a runtime error that doesn't give much description. The application simply dumps the word "PIPE" to stdout, and then exits. There isn't any sort of app or kernel dump. I've searched through the uclinux-dist source and libraries, but I am unable to find anything the would print this to the terminal. Is there anyone that would happen to know what this error is?




2010-09-23 14:28:14     Re: PIPE Error

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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if an app tries to write to a pipe() that has been closed, it will be sent a SIGPIPE signal and since most people dont catch that, the application will exit.  the shell then informs you that your program exited due to a signal -- PIPE in this case.


run it through strace to find out where this is happening, or add a SIGPIPE handler to dump some debugging info.