2010-09-15 01:26:47     Telnet in uclinu

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2010-09-15 01:26:47     Telnet in uclinu

shreya Ban (INDIA)

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Can anybody tell me how to enable SSH/telnet in uclinux.




2010-09-15 01:47:59     Re: Telnet in uclinu

Aaron Wu (CHINA)

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make menuconfig --> Kernel/Library/Defaults Selection -->Customize Application/Library Settings -->Network Applications




2010-09-17 00:01:45     Re: Telnet in uclinu

shreya Ban (INDIA)

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I am able to telnet and ping  from board  but there is problem with development system (PC)(linux)


How to enable in System?




2010-09-17 00:11:17     Re: Telnet in uclinu

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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what exactly are you talking about ?  what is your problem ?  what do you want to enable ?




2010-09-17 06:59:07     Re: Telnet in uclinu

shreya Ban (INDIA)

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I have BF537 board ,have ported uclinux  on it and a linux System..I want to establish ppp connection between both of them.


And i want to telnet to board from Linux computer.


I have compiled kernel as per the document below.And have added the required Config files too.




I am able to ping from board to system's IP address.But when i do the same from System to board,its not reachable.


and when i run pppd command in system ,the connection gets terminated




Using interface ppp0


Connect: ppp0 <--> /dev/ttyS0


LCP:timeout sending Config-Requests


Connection termninated


Modem Hang-up.