2010-09-15 02:27:56     malloc

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2010-09-15 02:27:56     malloc

vijai ragavan (INDIA)

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Hai All,


I am working on BF533 custom board with kernel 2009R1, In my application, i need to use the malloc on the reserved space( 60MB to 64MB),


Board memory = 64 MB


Kernel managed memory  = 60MB


Please suggest me, how to implement the same.








2010-09-15 03:18:56     Re: malloc

Aaron Wu (CHINA)

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what do you intend to use the reserved 4MB for? Generally it's used for large contiguous memory like display or graphic buffer, if so you can directly use the memory pointer. We have no MMU in the uClinux.




2010-09-15 13:19:44     Re: malloc

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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please post the entire kernel boot output


most likely you need to read the FAQ about anomaly 263:



in other words, you cant use malloc on it