2010-09-14 19:44:47     missing /dev/input

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2010-09-14 19:44:47     missing /dev/input

Rob Maris (GERMANY)

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I'm missing /dev/input. I have activated gpio-keys and event interface. I checked also the troubleshooting section of




It is even not present when I select static device configuration (while mdev active, so dynamic generation using evice_table.txt. I don't know where to look now. I cannot use event_test to check events now.




2010-09-14 20:20:27     Re: missing /dev/input

Rob Maris (GERMANY)

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When I restore gpio-keys to be loaded on boot time, the event device is present (/dev/event0). Do I need hotplugging feature when gpio-keys build as module?




2010-09-14 20:59:34     Re: missing /dev/input

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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if you dont have hotplugging enabled, then devices will not be created on the fly.  it'll be up to you to take care of it.