2010-08-20 13:23:42     ADAU1761 DSP Load

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2010-08-20 13:23:42     ADAU1761 DSP Load

Matteo Fortini (ITALY)

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I built a very simple DSP software on Sigma Studio, and I m trying to use it on an adau1761 EVB attached to my sbc through I2C only.


I m able to use the EVB as an analogue mixer, I had to patch the codec driver to exclude all the ADC/DAC connections, and go straight from input to output, but all is well and the controls I built work correctly.


I created a very dumb DSP software, just input 0 connected to DAC0 and input 1 connected to DAC1. The setup works properly on a test board I use connected to my PC.


I then went to capture window, saved as raw data both program and parameters (should I say just data or data with address?), used the gen_firmware utility to get the adau1761.bin and fed it to the setprogram function in the driver. The setprogram function gets the lengths correctly. The register configuration I get at the end is the same as the one I read on my test board, but I can t play any audio through the DSP. The old analogue bypass paths work well, so the ADAU is still responding.


How can I test if the DSP is running properly? Is there an adau1761.bin software which works as I said (just straight pass-through) and that I can test?






2010-08-20 14:05:34     Re: ADAU1761 DSP Load

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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could you post those .bin files you're working with ?




2010-08-23 03:13:00     Re: ADAU1761 DSP Load

Bob Liu (CHINA)

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Hi, Matteo


You can test the attached binary file.








2010-09-03 10:41:18     Re: ADAU1761 DSP Load

Michael Hennerich (GERMANY)

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I wonder how things are working for you with the firmware provided by Bob?






2010-09-06 05:53:23     Re: ADAU1761 DSP Load

Matteo Fortini (ITALY)

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Sorry guys, I was on vacation... the fw provided by Bob did load correctly, but the sound output was at best some kind of square wave noise...


I plan on building a firmware with just a continuous tone generator, to see if the DSP+ADC duo works correctly.


Unfortunately as I said I can't find any other way of testing if the DSP is running...


Thank you, I'll keep you updated.




2010-09-09 09:43:36     Re: ADAU1761 DSP Load

Matteo Fortini (ITALY)

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I tried with the attached file, which should (and with the PC->USB connection does) generate a sine tone @500Hz to both DACs.


The registers configuration as dumped by linux  (from offset 0x4000 of course) is also attached.


I just get random noise from the speakers, everything else in the ADAU (i.e. the mixer part) is working properly.


Any hint? Thank you







2010-09-13 11:05:47     Re: ADAU1761 DSP Load

Matteo Fortini (ITALY)

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Thank you all for your support.


It's working properly now, it was both a matter of changing some init code in order to incorporate some non documented calls made by sigmastudio and fixing the sigma firmware code, since it was outputting 2 bytes less than needed.




2010-09-13 17:07:27     Re: ADAU1761 DSP Load

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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what exactly do you mean by "2 bytes less" ?