2010-09-08 10:37:55     JVM for Blackfin on ucLinux

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2010-09-08 10:37:55     JVM for Blackfin on ucLinux

Manish Gajjaria (INDIA)

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I am looking to run a JVM on Blackfin port of ucLinux.


After having gone through a lot of JVMs, i was finally able to cross compile Kaffe; on running Kaffe from the target, it was observed that Kaffe was taking up too much of CPU time.


I would be glad if:


1. Someone can point to any build time modifications for Kaffe so as to improved run time performance;


2. If anyone has used any other JVMs on Blackfin, kindly guide.


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2010-09-08 11:45:37     Re: JVM for Blackfin on ucLinux

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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Kaffe is the only JVM we've worked on, and it was a long time ago


we have no Kaffe documentation, but you might want to try different optimization options: