2010-09-03 07:59:20     Adding eth1network interface

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2010-09-03 07:59:20     Adding eth1network interface


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Dear All,


I am new to uClinux system. My hardware supports two Ethernet interfaces. Interface eth0 is up and running. I want to add eth1 interface. Both eth0 & eth1 hardware are same. Can you please suggest me how to add the same to network driver interface.


Thanks in advance,






2010-09-03 11:19:22     Re: Adding eth1network interface

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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your description is too vague as to what the problem is.  if the devices are the same, then declare them the same (however it is you did that).


otherwise, you'll need to describe what is wrong -- does `ifconfig eth1` not work ?