2010-08-31 04:32:23     FAT: Filesystem panic

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2010-08-31 04:32:23     FAT: Filesystem panic

John Peter (INDIA)

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I am getting the following error while running my application. This error occurs when i am opening one m4a file for playback. I am using 2009R1-RC1distribution. can any one clarify in this regard?




FAT: Filesystem panic (dev sdb1)

    fat_free_clusters: deleting FAT entry beyond EOF

    File system has been set read-only

File contains MPEG-4 Audio with object type = 2NULL pointer access

Deferred Exception context


COMM=Philips_NP PID=353

CPU = 0

TEXT = 0x07000000-0x072221f0        DATA = 0x040001f0-0x053cf9c4

BSS = 0x053cf9c4-0x00e40000  USER-STACK = 0x00e5fe90


return address: [0x0745ee56]; contents of:

0x0745ee30:  ac5b  6780  3017  0061  e52b  0140  3007  9159

0x0745ee40:  ac5b  0061  2fd5  0000  05e4  e800  0008  aefc

0x0745ee50:  b2ba  326b  3028 [a266] 0c06  3021  181a  ce82

0x0745ee60:  c005  a2ba  0000  325d  bcf4  300c  e300  03f4










2010-08-31 08:57:29     Re: FAT: Filesystem panic

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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have you checked the disk for errors ?




2010-09-01 02:26:42     Re: FAT: Filesystem panic

John Peter (INDIA)

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Hai Mike,


Actually I am trying to have playback from USB stick. I am able to open the USB stick in  PC and those songs can be palyed in the PC. I am not getting this error consistently.