2010-04-09 05:46:42     NET-SNMP is getting an empty tree

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2010-04-09 05:46:42     NET-SNMP is getting an empty tree

joe lee (CHINA)

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I add the net-snmp & snmpd network application options while building my image for Blackfin 526.


It was ok during the building process.


When I boot up the machine, I type the command "snmpd &" to start the snmp deamon.


Then I use snmpwalk or snmpget to get the desired OID.


Nothing turns out and it is telling me either "End of MIB" or "no identifier".


What did I do wrong? Even I copied my desktop linux snmpd.conf and mibs into the same directory on Blackfin, it seems not reading those.


How can I get it to show or read at least one OID?




2010-08-19 10:23:13     Re: NET-SNMP is getting an empty tree

Manish Gajjaria (INDIA)

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I have been able to cross compile net-snmp version 5.5 for Blackfin ucLinux. I could download the snmpd daemon on my target board and run the daemon using the ./snmpd command. The SNMP agent gets started, and listens for commands on the correct UDP port 161.


However, when I send any SNMP commands (like snmpget, snmwalk) from the host, my observation is that the command gets correctly parsed, but doesnot send the response and this results in a timeout error.


My query is : In addtion to the SNMPD daemon, do I need to place any mib files on the target board? Also, the configuration script snmpconf does not run on the target board as  ucLinux doesnt support perl script.


Could any user guide how to overcome this issue, and get the MIB linkages to function correctly on the target board?








2010-08-19 12:30:34     Re: NET-SNMP is getting an empty tree

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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the best place to ask snmp-specific questions is on the website of the people who actually write the software.  we dont do any snmp work here, nor are we familiar with the net-snmp package.