2010-08-17 07:19:12     How to set the VLAN use the "vconfig"?

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2010-08-17 07:19:12     How to set the VLAN use the "vconfig"?

zhang zhihua (CHINA)

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   My board is the BF518-EZBRD(the older bf518-ezbrd which has two ethernet ports ),kernel is linux-2.6.28,I want to use a VLAN,frist I config the kernel like this:

   Network Support -->

      Networking options -->

        <*> 802.1Q VLAN support

   Device Drivers -->

      Networking devices support --->

        <*> MAC-VLAN Suppport

        <*> Virtual ethernet pair device 

   then load the kernel and set like this:

   vconfig add eth1 0

   vconfig set_flag eth1.0 1 1

   cat /proc/net/vlan/eth0.0

   it appears:

   eth1.0  VID: 0   REORDER_HDR: 1  dev->priv_flags: 1

         total frames received            0

          total bytes received            0

      Broadcast/Multicast Rcvd            0


      total frames transmitted            0

       total bytes transmitted            0

            total headroom inc            0

           total encap on xmit            0

      Device: eth1

      INGRESS priority mappings: 0:0  1:0  2:0  3:0  4:0  5:0  6:0 7:0

      EGRESS priority mappings:



  Then I use eth1 to send a frame to another board like:

  D_MAC + S_MAC + 0x8100 + 0x0 + 0x0 + 0x88B8 + uesr_data + FCS

  But I cant recive the frame on Another board,if I change the 0x8100 to another data(for example 0x8200),The board recive the frame correctly!

  How to set the VLAN?




2010-08-17 07:50:29     Re: How to set the VLAN use the "vconfig"?

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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again, we dont have any VLAN documentation.  i suggest you read the relevant man pages and/or the upstream documentation for vconfig.






2010-08-18 02:35:49     Re: How to set the VLAN use the "vconfig"?


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VLAN id 0 is reserved, it must be in range 1...4094

And maybe you need "up" VLAN


Try this commans:


vconfig add eth1 1

ifconfig eth1.1 up