2010-08-17 17:30:28     what is nfs root boot?

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2010-08-17 17:30:28     what is nfs root boot?

Matt Prewett (UNITED STATES)

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I was looking at the following document:


and saw the section about doing an "nfs root boot".


I searched around and could not find any information about what this is and what are the advantages of doing it.


Does anyone have any information about this?  Does this assume I am compiling the kernel myself?  Currently, I am just using the pre-compiled uClinux binary from the website.


Thanks in advance,





2010-08-17 19:12:45     Re: what is nfs root boot?

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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"nfsboot" is a helper specific to Blackfin's u-boot env, so you wont find much out there.  "nfs root" though is a standard thing that all Linux systems can support.


basically it means that your root filesystem is completely hosted over nfs.  there is no need for local storage (either a compiled in initramfs root or some local flash fs or ...) as everything is on the network.  in terms of development time, it's just a matter of preference whether you do it all out of ram or over the network or some combination.


the file the wiki refers to contains some more info (linux-2.6.x/Documentation/nfsroot.txt).