2010-07-21 17:00:26     BF548 & OV9655 - Light Problems

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2010-07-21 17:00:26     BF548 & OV9655 - Light Problems

Dusko Cencan (GERMANY)

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I've posted a few messages in various camera related threads over the last months. I have a custom build board with bf548 cpu and OV9655 camera sensor. It took me a lot of time to change the blackfin_cam driver to work with the "new" EPPI port on the bf548 series and to set all the relevant registers. The problem I still have is very mysterious. I lost several weeks to this, still no success. The problem is that I got a very nice picture when the room ist bright (sunshine, a lot of lamps...), but when the lights are lower I got sync problems. When its almost dark the picture is green with a lot of horizontal sync issues.


I will attach some sample pictures. Note that they have different dimension, because I resized the images after I made a desktop snapshot of the viewer program.




Good.jpg is with enough lighting.


Bad1.jpg when I turn off a big light in the room.


bad2.jpg was made with my hand over the sensor.




I would appreciate any help