2010-07-12 17:30:35     gethostid() unique?

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2010-07-12 17:30:35     gethostid() unique?

Daniel Tripp (UNITED STATES)

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Is gethostid() unique for each Blackfin system? If not, is there a better way for getting a unique identifier for each Blackfin CPU?




2010-07-13 02:04:29     Re: gethostid() unique?

Sonic Zhang (CHINA)

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There is no gethostid() for blackfin linux. If you want to read the cpu id and revision, you should call bfin_cpuid() and bfin_revid().


In addition, what do you mean "each blackfin system"? If it refers to bf533, bf537, bf527, etc, yes it is unique.




2010-07-13 02:09:51     Re: gethostid() unique?

Sonic Zhang (CHINA)

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Sorry, didn't figure out you want to get the id from user space.


You can check the cpuid and revid by "cat /proc/cpuinfo".




2010-07-13 13:36:26     Re: gethostid() unique?

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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only BF54x and BF52x provide cpu-unique IDs in their OTP pages (review the HRM for more details).  no other processor does so you'll have to figure out a unique ID system on your end.




2010-07-13 13:57:44     Re: gethostid() unique?


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We may be able to help better if we really understood what you were trying to do.


If you want to return a unique ID - gethostid() isn't going to work all the time...


In the uClibc/libc/inet/hostid.c


        /* Try some methods of returning a unique 32 bit id. Clearly IP

         * numbers, if on the internet, will have a unique address. If they

         * are not on the internet then we can return 0 which means they should

         * really set this number via a sethostid() call. If their hostname

         * returns the loopback number (i.e. if they have put their hostname

         * in the /etc/hosts file with then all such hosts will

         * have a non-unique hostid, but it doesn't matter anyway and

         * gethostid() will return a non zero number without the need for

         * setting one anyway.

         *                                              Mitch




From the man page:



       It is impossible to ensure that the identifier is globally unique.


So  - what are you looking for?






2010-07-13 15:01:59     Re: gethostid() unique?

Wojtek Skulski (UNITED STATES)

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Perhaps this might be helpful. You will get two things in one: a globally unique id, and also the MAC address for your product.






2010-07-16 09:38:26     Re: gethostid() unique?

Daniel Tripp (UNITED STATES)

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Ah, I was looking for the cpu-unique IDs for the BF52x series. Found it in the OTP from the HRM. Another question though, is there a "correct" way of formatting those values to create the ID? At the moment, I'm just getting the two values, converting them to hex, and concatenating them.




2010-07-16 14:04:26     Re: gethostid() unique?

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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i'm pretty sure it's just a 128bit binary value.  just read & hexdump it and if it looks like it, then it is.  dont have a bf52x/bf54x board near me to double check myself.