2010-07-01 07:29:08     Compile Warnings

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2010-07-01 07:29:08     Compile Warnings

Mike Allsworth (SOUTH AFRICA)

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H, I'm building uClinux for BF537-STAMP, and I get many warnings, shown in the attached file, "mike.log".




gcc: 4.4.1 (Ubuntu 4.4.1-4ubuntu9)


bfin-linux-uclibc-gcc: -pkgversion=ADI-09r1.1-2, gcc version 4,1,2 (ADI svn)


I tried gcc 4.1, but most of the warnings were still there. The compiled code downloads and runs on the target, but I get suspicious about so many warnings. I would really appreciate any help in identifying the problem.


Thanks, Mike






2010-07-01 12:03:56     Re: Compile Warnings

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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we dont track those things




2010-07-02 04:45:52     Re: Compile Warnings

Mike Allsworth (SOUTH AFRICA)

Message: 90827   


Hi Mike, thanks for the response. OK, I understand you don't track these items, perhaps you could point me in the direction to look so I can solve the problem myself? - Regards, Mike




2010-07-02 11:10:41     Re: Compile Warnings

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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the warnings tell you the files & line numbers.  if you dont grok the meaning of the warning itself, googling for the message should yield results.


there really isnt any document "how to fix gcc warnings" that i'm aware of.  then again, maybe that phrase is worth googling.




2010-07-03 09:37:03     Re: Compile Warnings

Mike Allsworth (SOUTH AFRICA)

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Hi Mike - bear with me. Of course I can correct the many compiler warnings, I have much experience in such activities. However, this is not my problem. If I do the fixes, then when I use the next release, I will need to replicate my numerous fixes. Not a desirable way to work. I'm sure the the uClinux for Blackfin release provides a clean build, therefore I deduce the problems to be on my side. There's the rub. I'm new to uClinux, and indeed linux kernals of any type. This is why I'm looking for pointers on how to approach my problem. Maybe toolchain/kernel/compiler version clashes --- I dunno! Hope this helps you understand my dilemma - Rgds, Mike




2010-07-03 12:22:16     Re: Compile Warnings

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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the warnings you're seeing are not specific to your system





2010-07-03 12:44:17     Re: Compile Warnings


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We are in the same boat you are - we take upstream applications, and use them - normally unchanged. Like you found, not every upstream application compiles cleanly - the best place to report these types of issues is with with the upstream application developer.