2010-06-01 09:42:22     9 bit SPI for SHARP LQ035Q1DH01

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2010-06-01 09:42:22     9 bit SPI for SHARP LQ035Q1DH01

Ashish Gupta (INDIA)

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SHARP LCD LQ035Q1DH01 is a pin compatible close cousin of LQ035Q1DH02 LCD curretly being used on the ADI EZ LCD Extender. The major difference being the SPI control interface is 9 bit (as against 24 bit on LQ035Q1DH02).


Since the Blackfin SPI controller supports 8/16 bit modes, for LQ035Q1DH02 LCD, the driver simply sends 3 bytes that make up the 24 bit packet required for the LCD. :

snippet from /trunk/drivers/video/bfin-lq035q1-fb.c :


static int lq035q1_control(struct spi_device *spi, unsigned char reg, unsigned short value)


    int ret;

    u8 regs[3] = { LQ035_INDEX, 0, 0 };

    u8 dat[3] = { LQ035_DATA, 0, 0 };


    if (!spi)

        return -ENODEV;


    regs[2] = reg;

    dat[1] = value >> 8;

    dat[2] = value & 0xFF;


    ret = spi_write(spi, regs, ARRAY_SIZE(regs));

    ret |= spi_write(spi, dat, ARRAY_SIZE(dat));

    return ret;



a. Is there a way to use the Blackfin SPI controller generate 9 bit data for SHARP LCD LQ035Q1DH01 (LCD timing diagram attached)

b. Has anyone encountered a similar problem where a peripheral uses non 8/16bit SPI data bus?










2010-06-01 09:50:10     Re: 9 bit SPI for SHARP LQ035Q1DH01

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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use the Blackfin SPORT SPI controller then