2010-06-01 04:22:13     Cannot Link libdsp function

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2010-06-01 04:22:13     Cannot Link libdsp function

Yuval Yosef (ISRAEL)

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I am trying to build a program using function from libdsp.a.


I followed the instruction on site and used "-lm" option with libdsp in order to link.


compilation - passes, but linking step doesn't work.


this is what I get:


undefined reference to `_float_to_fr32'

/tmp/ccUfX7J8.o: In function `_fr16_to_float':

stft.c:(.text+0x672): undefined reference to `_fr32_to_float'

collect2: ld returned 1 exit status



All other functions pass link step. the problem is only with "_fr32_to_float" ??


Has anyone seen this before ???








2010-06-01 09:18:34     Re: Cannot Link libdsp function

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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where exactly are you getting libdsp.a ?  the library is integrated with the 2009R1.1 release and you use -lbfdsp to pull it in.