2010-05-27 11:00:33     Problem with UARTs in BF548

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2010-05-27 11:00:33     Problem with UARTs in BF548

Cedric Marin (FRANCE)

Message: 89919   




I work with uClinux-dist-2009R1.1-RC4 on CM-BF548 module from Bluetechnix and I have problem when I enable RTS/CTS for UART in the kernel configs. The following message appears when kernel boots :


user.info kernel: Unable to attach BlackFin UART Modem             Status interrupt.


Is anybody know this problem ? Has anyone heard about a patch that could fix this problem ?


Thanks in advance.






2010-05-27 14:40:18     Problem with UARTs in BF548

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

Message: 89925    if you look at the driver you see that this error comes up when

request_irq() fails. that really only fails when the pin in question

has been reserved as something else. so check your /proc/interrupts

and /proc/gpio to make sure the pin in question hasnt already been