2010-05-20 12:07:17     issues with linphone

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2010-05-20 12:07:17     issues with linphone

daniel amor (SPAIN)

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We are developing a product based in bfin and linphone. Our product is conected to an audio matrix with 3 different audio sources. Each audio source is associated to a VoIP extension, so when a call is stablished the remote party knows which audio source is generating the call.




Now I'm using release 2009R1.1-RC4 and BF536 Rev 0.2. I'm facing some problems with linphone. I'll explain the steps taken, the problems found and the solution used.




I used the linphone 3.0.0 provided with the distribution, this linphone had the problem that when registering more than one proxy sometimes I got this message "Unauthorized To header", looking at the traffic with wireshark we found that in the register information sent to the server there was a mismatch between the username and the sip uri, It was something like this:




username: dd1




I took linphone 3.1.2 from trunk and got the same problem. The following I did was taking official linphone, versions 3.2.0 and 3.3.0. In the first one I had to apply the vfork patch, the second had it included.




Those two versions didn't show the authentication problem, but those versions had another big problem. When calling to a remote party it didn't mind which proxy identity was being used, It always used the first one registered.




Finally, I took the file coreapi/authentication.c from version 3.2.0 and placed it in version 3.1.2 and version 3.0.0 . Now those early versions register the extensions correctly and the remote names are OK.




Could anybody confirm this behaviour?




Thanks for all,








2010-05-20 13:21:18     Re: issues with linphone


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You might be better off on the linphone mailing list - did you try there?






2010-05-20 13:32:15     Re: issues with linphone

daniel amor (SPAIN)

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  I am in the process of placing this issue there too, I only wanted to coment it here in case anybody is in the same situation as me.