2010-05-05 05:31:41     hylafax + iaxmodem

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2010-05-05 05:31:41     hylafax + iaxmodem

Alec Joseph Rivera (PHILIPPINES)

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Hi all:


*sorry for cross-posting*


I've recently been able to make the recent iaxmodem version on baps. On my test, I was able to get asterisk to dial it too. Seem's my hurdle now is to make hylafax answer the call. I was able to compile hylafax too, but porting the hylafax scripts poses it's own challenge now. The setup scripts (faxsetup and faxaddmodem) are pretty much complex and incompatible with busybox's sh..


And from my previous experience on openwrt, I have observed that large scripts can take down a box.


Anyone have insights on script porting..?




2010-05-05 05:39:34     Re: hylafax + iaxmodem

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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the latest release has already switched from msh to hush and should be a lot better wrt POSIX shell support