2010-03-29 10:53:45     pthread issues on 2009R1.1?

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2010-03-29 10:53:45     pthread issues on 2009R1.1?

Meaghan Zorij (UNITED STATES)

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I am working on a multi-threaded application (about 10 or so threads), where 2 or 3 threads are dynamically created and destroyed depending on what the application is doing.  In order to deal with the memory fragementation issue, I have preallocated the thread stacks and everytime a new thread is created it utilizes the preallocated stack.  This application ran in 2008R1-RC8 kernel without a problem.


I have now tried moving to the 2009R1.1-RC4 release.  In the process of moving to this release, I have also moved to the uClibc compiler.  Now, when I run the application, it seems to run ok initially (but very slow) , and then when it destroys threads and tries to re-create the threads the application seems to hang on the pthread_create call.  I initially used the old compiler (the uclinux compiler) and saw a similar behavior.  When I run the same application on the 2008R1-RC8 kernel everything runs smoothly.


Have there been fundamental changes with pthread_create?  Has anyone else seen similar problems?  Does anyone have any suggestions in trying to figure out what's going on here?


Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




2010-04-01 06:10:24     Re: pthread issues on 2009R1.1?


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Are you using 2009R1.1 toolchain?


If possible, can you create a small test case to reproduce this issue (and report to toolchain bug tracker)?


You may also try to debug the "hang" using GDB.