2010-02-18 14:45:35     V4L on Blacfin, non-MMU issues

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2010-02-18 14:45:35     V4L on Blacfin, non-MMU issues

Peter Naulls (UNITED STATES)

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I wrote a detailed message on the V4l list, to which there's been no response:




In particular, does uvcvideo work right now, and what is up with the get_unmapped_area function?


Since I wrote the above, I found also:




I have applied this locally, but it doesn't seem to help anything particularly - certainly not the vivi driver case.


Also, what is the state of musb/highspeed mentioned here?  I am using BF548-EZKIT and latest svn.




2010-02-22 04:53:10     Re: V4L on Blacfin, non-MMU issues


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We did not test usb video class device on svn trunk for some time - so if you meet a bug, you can simple submit it to bug tracer ( and give details on what error your see, how to reproduce).