2010-02-15 07:39:00     Magic Packet WOL for BF537-stamp

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2010-02-15 07:39:00     Magic Packet WOL for BF537-stamp

Patrick Roye (UNITED STATES)

Message: 86105   


I have created patches to implement magic packet WOL capabilities for the BF537-stamp. These patches are based on the 2009 R1.1 RC4 uClinux source.


The uclinux_interrupts_mac_wol.patch file changes the general error interrupt handler to handle an IRQ_MAC_ERROR if the MPKS bit is set in the EMAC WKUP CTL register. This patch also allows set_wake to be called on the general error interrupt. Note that this is a patch that simply gets the job done with what's there. It would probably be better to add a new demux IRQ (IRQ_MAC_WAKE perhaps?) to irq.h.


The uclinux_mac_wol.patch patches the Blackfin MAC driver to provide magic packet WOL support via ethtool. The suspend/resume functions have been changed to place the MAC in/out of magic packet detection state when WOL is enabled, rather than closing/opening the device.


I hope these patches help the development effort for WOL support in future uClinux releases.


Patrick Roye

Software Engineer

Luna Innovations, Incorporated







2010-02-15 10:35:39     Magic Packet WOL for BF537-stamp

Michael Hennerich (GERMANY)

Message: 86117    Hi Patrick,


The task was scheduled for our next release - so there was no hurry for me to start.

Anyways thanks for providing a patch - I'll take a look and merge with our tree shortly.


Do you need this functionality in our 2009R1 release as well?

Otherwise I'll just merge it with our svn/trunk, so I'll be available in our next major release.


Thanks and best regards,