2010-02-12 08:52:42     Serial Console Keyboard Input - QT

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2010-02-12 08:52:42     Serial Console Keyboard Input - QT


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I am working with BF548 EZ-Kit and uClinux-dist-2009R1-RC6 and developing an

application with QT. I can run almost any of QT examples and I didnt have any problem

to get a serial mouse working with this examples.


My problem is to get keyboard working with QT.

My thought was to use the serial console as a keyboard input for the QT aplication.

My console is represented by /dev/ttyBF1. With cat /dev/ttyBF1 i was able to get the

characters send over the console.

I tried to export the keyboard variable as follows:


export QWS_KEYBOARD=tty:/dev/tty

export QWS_KEYBOARD=tty:/dev/ttBF1

export QWS_KEYBOARD=Auto:/dev/ttyBF1


But it didnt work.

Is my thought wrong? How can i use my console as input in Qt aplication?


I also tried a USB keyboard but without results. I read some posts here in this forum

but nothing really helped. Does anybody managed to get a usb keyboard working with QT



UClinux recognizes the keyboard, i can successfully run the event_test and i can use

the keyboard in the console displayed on an LCD display. But nothing happen in any QT



The keyboard is listed under /dev/input/event1, so i tried to

export QWS_KEYBOARD=USB:/dev/input/event1, i did try some other options like

/dev/tty etc. but i couldnt find any working configuration. I did try to define a new device with mknod 

and i could run the event_test with this device, but it didnt have any effect.


Do you guys have any thoughts / help for me!


Thanks a lot,






2010-02-19 22:20:23     Re: Serial Console Keyboard Input - QT

Sonic Zhang (CHINA)

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We are not QT expert. Please look result in qt document or help forum.   qt.nokia.com/doc/4.1/


But, you can check in advance if you selected Virtual terminal support in your kernel configuration.