2010-02-02 13:55:44     BF533 stamp-- need some advice

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2010-02-02 13:55:44     BF533 stamp-- need some advice

John Crossett (UNITED STATES)

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Several years ago, I purchased a BF355 Stamp card from Digikey.  I got as far as compiling and running simple user space programs before my attention was diverted to other things. My original intention was to find out how to best use the card for remote monitoring applications.  At the time, it seemed like an inexpensive way to get a TCIP stack etc.   And so, after several false starts using this board under uClinux, I've decided maybe it would be more effective to simply ask for advice in areas where my experience with this board are lacking. For instance, I would love to understand the requirements to access read/write I/O on this card.  At this time, I do not require interrupt handling but realize that kernel space manipulation of the ports might be a given. Granted, at some point what would be the next logical step in device driver or kernel modules for this little guy.  I have spent the past week or so making sure that my tool chain is in sync with the kernel installed on the card.  i.e. I can run simple programs. It turns out I have the tool chain and kernel from 2005. And so if that is part of the reason that I can not get any satisfaction accessing hardware drivers, then I would like to know. Also, maybe the kernel was built with certain I/O options disabled. Information like that would also be very helpful.  I realize that the first thing someone might suggest is that I being the card and my tool chain up to date with 2009.  Of course I would be happy to do that as long as I will not regress from "hello world" if you know what I mean? The bottom line here is that I need to get something done with this card--- and would appreciate any suggestions from you folks on how that might be accomplished








2010-02-02 14:30:38     Re: BF533 stamp-- need some advice


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Upgrading to 2009 is the first step. It will fix many issues - and get you in sync with the documentation.


How familiar are you with Linux in general? (Understand user/kernel seperation/protection?)


Do you just want to access GPIO?




or something else?