2010-01-25 07:55:42     SPI in userspace

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2010-01-25 07:55:42     SPI in userspace

Miquel Soler i Mir (SPAIN)

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I'm working with CM-BF537E with Bluetechnix eval_board and 2009R1 kernel and toolchain


I would like to acces to SPI device in user space. I has the MMC working in SPI CS=1 and another device in CS=2 (not conneted now)


Following the wiki documentation I modified the cm-bf537.c file attached, the device is added in line 57 to 62 and 182 to 191.


Compiling the kernel I enable this options:


Device Drivers --->


Character devices --->


[*] SPI support --->


--- SPI support


*** SPI Master Controller Drivers ***


<*> SPI controller driver for ADI Blackfin5xx


[ ] SPI bus lock


< > emulate SPI bus with Blackfin SPORT


<*> Bitbanging SPI master


*** SPI Protocol Masters ***


< > SPI EEPROMs from most vendors


<*> User mode SPI device driver support


< > Infineon TLE62X0 (for power switching)


The system boot OK, but I don't have any spi device in "/dev" folder. I attached the boot file


I think, I'm making something wrong but I don't Know.


Can somebody help me




Miquel Soler i Mir







2010-01-25 10:37:26     Re: SPI in userspace

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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i see no references to spidev in that file, so either you posted the wrong file or you didnt add the right stuff.  please read the documentation:





2010-01-25 11:07:36     Re: SPI in userspace

Miquel Soler i Mir (SPAIN)

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Thanks Mike.


My mistake was in line 184, the correct line is :


.modalias = "spidev",


I did not understand the documentation correctly.




Miquel Soler i Mir