2010-01-19 16:46:19     Can't customized build the uclinux.

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2010-01-19 16:46:19     Can't customized build the uclinux.

yd fang (CANADA)

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I have a Ubuntu Linux 9.10 brand new installation.




I install all the software following the link here:   docs.blackfin.uclinux.org/doku.php?id=installing_linux


(The link has a little problem: I can't install two modules: liblzo1 liblzo-dev,  and change to liblz0 liblz-dev)


And download the uclinux from here: https://blackfin.uclinux.org/gf/download/frsrelease/473/7285/uClinux-dist-2009R1.1-RC4.tar.bz2




I change the pkg-config to 0.23 version since I find it has some problem in another installation.




There are two problems


1) I can use make xconfig, it has problem. Then I use make menuconfig




2) I just change the board to ez548, I don't do any other change, then I can make the system.


When I change any setting, for example, I enable the game. Then I can't build.




Attached is the output file.




Please help me.










2010-01-19 16:54:06     Re: Can't customized build the uclinux.

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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the page already tells you that different distros name things differently.  it's up to you to resolve the differences.


your log file is incomplete and doesnt actually contain the error.  run `make single` to have the build abort after the first error.