2010-01-07 04:18:09     chdir operation blocks application

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2010-01-07 04:18:09     chdir operation blocks application

Hari Prasad (INDIA)

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I have an application 'X' that plays songs from usb. I have a requirement where I have to recursively scan mnt/usb and determine the number of files and folders in it. For this I wrote a small application 'Y' that does the following:


for each entry in mnt/usb




    check if entry is file or folder using chdir( ) function.




The entry is a file if chdir returns false and is a folder if it returns true.


Using a usb stick with 5000 files and my custom board with BF527 processor, I started first application X and my audio playback started. When I started application Y, it blocked the playback till chdir operation on all the entries in mnt/usb was done.


Why is that a chdir operation blocks resource for application X?


Please clarify.




2010-01-07 10:21:47     Re: chdir operation blocks application


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I could be that you are consuming all the bandwith of the usb stick (most are pretty slow).


To give things some more time - try sleeping in the application "Y".


Also lookup the "man 2 stat" page - and read about the S_IFDIR() macro. That might be faster than doing a chdir, and looking for the failure.... (although you would have to measure to be sure).






2010-01-07 11:32:40     Re: chdir operation blocks application

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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stat() probably would be better than chdir() ... although if you're using readdir(), you probably want to use the d_type field of the dirent structure