2009-12-15 05:00:06     driver close() issue

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2009-12-15 05:00:06     driver close() issue

Sada M (INDIA)

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We have built kernel with a particular driver and it works fine for all possible operations like open / close / read / write if i call them in the main(). I can call open() -> write () -> Close() sequence many times and it works without any issues.


But if i run a application in the background ( eg : application built with busy box ) between open() and close(), then the close() is not getting executed i.e the execution does not come to starting of the kernel close() function itself. instead it just returns from elsewhere and executes from the next instruction in the application main().


Any possible reasons for this ?


Thanks in advance.




2009-12-15 05:38:59     Re: driver close() issue

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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are you actually talking about this thread: