2009-11-12 11:13:31     RTC Issues

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2009-11-12 11:13:31     RTC Issues

Appalayagari Sreedhar (INDIA)

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I am working with BF527 Rev0.2 custom board uClinux distribution 2009R1-RC1.


I tried to set the time to blackfin RTC using the hwclock. utility/function.


system("hwclock -w");


Immediately in the next instrction if i configure the Blackfin RTC_ALARM and if i enable the RTC interrupt,


RTC interrupt is generated even before the RTC alarm is expired.


I put a sleep of 1 sec after writing time to the RTC.


system("hwclock -w");




RTC Alarm interrupt is coming properly once the RTC alarm expires.


But still the above problem comes 1/10 times. is there anything i need to take care.


Thank you.




2009-11-12 13:09:37     Re: RTC Issues

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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RTC alarm time is based on the hwclock time, not the system time.  there might be some weird behavior in the RTC peripheral if you try writing time and setting up timeouts at the same time.  post some simple example code (including software and hardware clock times) so i dont have to try and guess what you're doing exactly and how your system is configured.  then i should be able to reproduce the issue.