2009-11-12 07:40:09     i2c problem

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2009-11-12 07:40:09     i2c problem

Daniele Pagani (ITALY)

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Dear sirs,


I've a BF537 custom board, with uClinux 2009R1-RC6.


The board has a Atmel AT24C1024B Two-wire serial eeprom.


I enable the I2C and then I develop a small application in order to test the situation.


The application is i2c.c


Then, I know that in address 2048 I've a byte with value 0x00.


Typically I read the right value, but in some situation the value is 0xFF.


So, I've connected the oscilloscope and I see a strange situation.


When I read 0xFF, I see that Blackfin sends only two bytes and not three bytes.


I've no error from functions ioctl, write and read.


What could be the reason? How can I solve the problem?


Best regards,




(In attach:


- i2c.c test application


- wrong.jpg, right.jpg images from oscilloscope


- show.txt  serial port terminal interface