2009-11-06 22:30:17     mmc_spi problem!!!

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2009-11-06 22:30:17     mmc_spi problem!!!

miaolf miao (CHINA)

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hello everybody,I am using the bf533 board and the uClinux-dist-2009R1-RC6.The mmc_spi driver is ok,but I find it is a "full_duplex" and it do not use the DMA.The spi_bfin5xx.c code noted that "the hardware does not support full duplex DMA transfers". But if i want to use the DMA in this mode how can I do? Thank you!




2009-11-06 22:35:35     Re: mmc_spi problem!!!

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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the HRM isnt lying.  you cant do full duplex w/DMA -- it's a hardware limitation.  nothing in software can magically make broken hardware work.





2009-11-06 23:00:41     Re: mmc_spi problem!!!

miaolf miao (CHINA)

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Thank you! if i want use the dma in the half duplex ,how can I do ?




2009-11-06 23:41:27     Re: mmc_spi problem!!!

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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use enable_dma in the platform resources




2009-11-07 00:12:08     Re: mmc_spi problem!!!

jiuchuan tang (CHINA)

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Hi Mike


I am the colleague of miaolf.We have the save problem. I have set the  enable_dma flag of bfin5xx_spi_master and mmc's bfin5xx_spi_chip to 1,and in the " bfin_spi_pump_transfers" funtion of the code spi_bfin5xx.c,I print the state of the dma and full_duplex,like this






* Try to map dma buffer and do a dma transfer.  If successful use,


* different way to r/w according to the enable_dma settings and if


* we are not doing a full duplex transfer (since the hardware does


* not support full duplex DMA transfers).






if (!full_duplex && drv_data->cur_chip->enable_dma


&& drv_data->len > 6) {






And the info while the kernel start is full_duplex:1,drv_data->cur_chip->enable_dma:1,drv_data->len:1 and so on


so I think the enable_dma flag I have set .If there is any other place to set enable_dma flag or I should change other place.


Thank you for you help




2009-11-07 01:12:03     Re: mmc_spi problem!!!

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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i dont know what you're asking.  looks to me like you already have all the info necessary.




2009-11-07 01:29:07     Re: mmc_spi problem!!!

jiuchuan tang (CHINA)

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I want to use the dma transfer,but in the code ,the full_duplex value is 1,so the code will not run "doing dma transfer",I want to ask why my full_duplex is 1,and how can I use the DMA transfer.




2009-11-07 02:27:37     Re: mmc_spi problem!!!

jiuchuan tang (CHINA)

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I want to use the DMA to transfer the mmc_spi data.But after I made the everything and the mmc is worked ok ,I found the debug info displayed that "doing IO transfer", so I look the code and find that the debug info is from the  bfin_spi_pump_transfers funtion,and in the funtion the condition if (!full_duplex && drv_data->cur_chip->enable_dma&& drv_data->len > 6) is 0 ,so it run the IO transfer,not DMA transfer.And when I look into it ,I find the full_duplex 's value is 1,it make the driver doing IO transfer,Now,I want the mmc to doing DMA transfer,how can I do.Thank you!




2009-11-07 08:22:17     Re: mmc_spi problem!!!

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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if the SPI device needs/wants to do a full duplex SPI transaction, there's nothing you can do about it




2009-11-08 21:23:03     Re: mmc_spi problem!!!

jiuchuan tang (CHINA)

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Thank you Mike




I have some question about the MMC_SPI


1.MMC_SPI surport DMA and it regist DMA succeed,why it's  IO transfer not the DMA transfer in fact.


2. If the MMC_SPI can surport DMA transfer how can I do and how can I validate it? The half-duplex mode is ok,the hardware need which mode to surport DMA I can change the mode to surport the DMA, I want to use the DMA not the IO transfer


Thank you






2009-11-08 21:33:06     Re: mmc_spi problem!!!


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You can enable debug messages in the spi driver and see the output - whether the SPI is using DMA or PIO.






2009-11-08 22:25:40     Re: mmc_spi problem!!!


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You are not listening to Mike


- the SPI hardware on Blackfin is not capable of full duplex transactions with DMA.


- MMC requires full duplex tranactions.


- Therefore - you can not do MMC on the SPI will DMA.


If you need DMA - check out the SPORT as SPI, and do MMC on sport (as SPI).CONFIG_ SPI_BFIN_SPORT




The only think I'm not sure of is that MMC requires something other than mode 0/1.




2009-11-09 00:53:28     Re: mmc_spi problem!!!

jiuchuan tang (CHINA)

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Thank you Mike,Robin and Li,I have got it.