2009-10-31 12:04:17     Blaclfin Onchip RTC Problems

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2009-10-31 12:04:17     Blaclfin Onchip RTC Problems

Appalayagari Sreedhar (INDIA)

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I am working with BF527 Rev0.2 custom board uClinux distribution 2009R1-RC1.


I tried to set the time to blackfin RTC uisng the hwclock. utility/function.


The time taken to write into the RTC is almost 1 minute.






system("hwclock -w");




time2 - time1 = 65secs.




Why is this happening? Is am doing doing anything wrong. Please help to solve this issue.


Thank you.




2009-10-31 15:25:24     Re: Blaclfin Onchip RTC Problems

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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is your RTC wired correctly ?  can you read the correct time ?  can you read/write it under u-boot ?