2009-10-28 05:52:07     V4L Micron CMOS camera artifacts

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2009-10-28 05:52:07     V4L Micron CMOS camera artifacts

Izhar Eyal (ISRAEL)

Message: 81809   


Hi All,


I've made a copy of the MT9V022 driver and renamed it to MT9M001 (the issue exists with the 022 sensor as well).


When I use VLC of FFMpeg for streaming, on the PC running VLC I see the image multiple times, 2x2 images to be exact.


This is happening no matter what the resolution is: 320x240, 640x480, 800x600.


Since this happens on both VLC and FFMpeg I can only assume something is wrong with the definitions of PPI or I2C or V4L.


Here are the header defines:


#define DEFAULT_FORMAT        0



# define POL_C                  0x0000


# define POL_S                  0x0000


# define PIXEL_PER_LINE         320


# define LINES_PER_FRAME        240


# define CFG_GP_Input_3Syncs    0x0020


# define GP_Input_Mode          0x000C


# define PPI_DATA_LEN           DLEN_8


# define PPI_PACKING            PACK_EN


# define DMA_FLOW_MODE          0x0000    /* STOPMODE */


# define DMA_WDSIZE_16          WDSIZE_8




#define I2C_SENSOR_ID        (0x5D << 1)


#define MAX_FRAME_WIDTH        1280


#define MAX_FRAME_HEIGHT    1024


#define MIN_FRAME_WIDTH        80


#define MIN_FRAME_HEIGHT    60


#define DEFAULT_DEPTH        8


#define CORR_VAL        0



#define ROW_OFF_MIN        4


#define COL_OFF_MIN        1




I should mention PIXEL_PER_LINE and LINES_PER_FRAME was also tested with 1280, 1024


any ideas why this is happening?




2009-10-28 07:58:37     Re: V4L Micron CMOS camera artifacts

Izhar Eyal (ISRAEL)

Message: 81812   


Changed the DMA_WDSIZE to 32.


problem solved. thanks.