2009-10-27 09:41:13     Full Support for NTFS

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2009-10-27 09:41:13     Full Support for NTFS

Sudhakar GN (INDIA)

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We would to like to understand how full NTFS support (Read/Write/Create/Rename/Delete) can be achived using uClinux based system.


Is there someone who has used any other package say for e.g. 'ntfs-3g' for ntfs?


Any tools/ideas are most welcome.








2009-10-27 09:48:12     Re: Full Support for NTFS

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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NTFS access really has nothing to do with MMU-less Linux.  the same answer that applies to your desktop Linux system applies to Linux on the Blackfin processor.


you've already found your answer (ntfs-3g), so review the upstream documentation.