2009-09-29 21:20:45     custom uImage "gone" after soft reboot

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2009-09-29 21:20:45     custom uImage "gone" after soft reboot

Amusing Muses (CANADA)

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Hi I compiled my own uImage (3972504 bytes or ~3.8MB) from the sources in uClinux-dist-2009R1-RC6.tar.bz2 with very few config changes (I enabled ALSA support for the AD1836 audio codec, and turned on inclusion of the lrz and mp3play packages). This is for an ezkit533 silicon rev. 6.


Here's the problem, when I use the release version (uImage-bf533-ezkit-2009R1-RC6) I can load it on the board over serial, do iminfo, and bootm just fine. Then I can hit the soft reset button, do an iminfo, and the image is still there--and I can boot it again if I want, which is great cause it would take like 5 minutes if I had to reload it over the serial port.


Now, when I use my own uImage, I can load it on the board over serial, and boot into it and everything seems to work, but when I do a "reboot" or a soft reset, the image seems to be corrupted or gone. I can type iminfo:


bfin> iminfo


## Checking Image at 01000000 ...

Unknown image format!



I can ignore this and do a bootm anyway, but that just fails. Any ideas? It would speed things up if I could reboot and not have to also reload the image over serial every time.






2009-09-29 21:27:30     Re: custom uImage "gone" after soft reboot

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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you're not guaranteed that the image stays there unchanged.  it just worked out that the kernel and applications did not need any of that high memory while you were running stuff.


the only way to keep stuff persistent is to burn it into flash.