2009-09-29 20:07:33     bfin_clear_PPI_STATUS() for BF52x

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2009-09-29 20:07:33     bfin_clear_PPI_STATUS() for BF52x

Frank Van Hooft (CANADA)

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When trying to build a driver in 2009R1 I received an error complaining that bfin_clear_PPI_STATUS() wasn't defined. A little hunting turned up that it was missing from:




bfin_clear_PPI_STATUS() appears in the .h files for the other processors, but not for 52x. I'm guessing it was just missed. Adding this:


#define bfin_clear_PPI_STATUS()         bfin_write_PPI_STATUS(0xFFFF)


at line 871 allows the build to complete.




2009-09-29 21:21:22     Re: bfin_clear_PPI_STATUS() for BF52x

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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looks like it's missing for BF51x too ... ive added both, thanks for pointing this out