2009-09-28 20:38:19     ezkit533 loadb failure: SEND-class command failed (kermit)

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2009-09-28 20:38:19     ezkit533 loadb failure: SEND-class command failed (kermit)

Amusing Muses (CANADA)

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Hi I can't seem to load uImage-bf533-ezkit-2009R1-RC6 on to my ezkit. I'm using u-boot-bf533-ezkit-bypass-2009R1-rc3.bin which I loaded into the flash. Here's what happens if I follow the directions on the wiki

(  docs.blackfin.uclinux.org/doku.php?id=bootloaders:u-boot:serial_port_loading_files)


Linux kermit> connect

Connecting to /dev/ttyUSB0, speed 57600

Escape character: Ctrl-\ (ASCII 28, FS): enabled

Type the escape character followed by C to get back,

or followed by ? to see other options.




U-Boot 2008.10 (ADI-2009R1-rc3) (Jul 16 2009 - 18:01:16)


CPU:   ADSP bf533-0.3 (Detected Rev: 0.6) (bypass boot)

Board: ADI BF533 EZ-Kit Lite board

       Support:   blackfin.uclinux.org/

Clock: VCO: 594 MHz, Core: 594 MHz, System: 118.800 MHz

RAM:   32 MB

Flash:  2.1 MB

In:    serial

Out:   serial

Err:   serial

Net:   Hit any key to stop autoboot:  0

bfin> loadb

## Ready for binary (kermit) download to 0x01000000 at 57600 bps...


(Back at Host.name)


Linux kermit> send /path/to/uImage-bf533-ezkit-2009R1-RC6



SEND-class command failed.

Packets sent: 3

Retransmissions: 11

Timeouts: 2

Damaged packets: 0

Fatal Kermit Protocol Error: Too many retries



I tried a bunch of different kermit settings and nothing seems to help. Has anyone run into this before? Has anyone successfully loaded uCLinux over serial on an EZKIT 533?






2009-09-29 00:44:31     Re: ezkit533 loadb failure: SEND-class command failed (kermit)

Frank Van Hooft (CANADA)

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A lot of people have loaded uclinux on the BF533 board via serial. You're certainly not breaking new ground.


It appears you're using a USB serial port adaptor. What version of kermit are you using? Perhaps you're hitting a bug in kermit. See this page, bug #731:




If you have an alternative serial port on your host, you might want to try it. Or, if you have one, another brand of USB serial port adaptor. Or, if you're using an older version of kermit (like kermit-95), upgrade it, eg to c-kermit 8.




2009-09-29 01:52:09     Re: ezkit533 loadb failure: SEND-class command failed (kermit)

Amusing Muses (CANADA)

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Wow, it was the USB to serial adapter. This is the third Prolific PL2303 USB to Serial I've encountered that either doesn't work at all or malfunctions in some way. All I have are PL2303s around, but one out of three works in every discernable way, the other one works for talking to u-boot but not for the transfer *argh*.


Thanks for the tip.




2009-09-29 16:49:19     Re: ezkit533 loadb failure: SEND-class command failed (kermit)

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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many usb serial cables are known to be of very inferior quality (not necessarily the fault of the chip itself) and introduce bit errors at higher rates.  about all you can do is get a new cable or lower the baud rate.