2009-09-17 21:11:31     bfin uclinux sport driver

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2009-09-17 21:11:31     bfin uclinux sport driver

Harry Atwal (AUSTRALIA)

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I am using bfin_sport driver. My uClinux-dist is 2009R1-RC6.




I am using two Blackfin BF561 DSPs.




I am not using uClinux on DSP1. I am running and ldr file from flash.


Which has below given settings for TCR.


From DSP1 I am sending 8 bit characters, after setting ITCLK, ITFS, TFSR, in TCR1.






TCR2 is set as 7.




TCR2 = 7




On second DSP2, I am running Uclinux. And using inbuilt sport driver.


By using sport config structure, I am configuring it after opening it.


As told in documentain.    docs.blackfin.uclinux.org/doku.php?id=linux-kernel:drivers:bfin_sport&s[]=sport


        struct sport_config config;


        memset(&config, 0, sizeof (struct sport_config));


        config.fsync = 1;


        config.word_len = 8;


        config.dma_enabled = 1;




Now my question is , Do I have to set ITCLK , serial clk and fsync values here in config?


As I am specifying these values in DSP1 to transmit data.




I will be obliged if you get time to answer my trivial question.




Thanks in Advance.






Harpreet Atwal






2009-09-18 06:25:12     Re: bfin uclinux sport driver

Sonic Zhang (CHINA)

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That depends on what SPORT device you connect to DSP2. If it is DSP1, than you have to set the same on DSP2 as DSP1.