2009-09-02 06:14:07     MMC/SD on 2009r1 release

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2009-09-02 06:14:07     MMC/SD on 2009r1 release

Hemant Sadhwani (INDIA)

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Hi All,




I'm using the custom hardware based on BF527. We have started our development on MMC/SD on 2008r1.5 ucLinux dist. After migrating to 2009r1 dist, I could not see the spi_mmc folder.




1)      On the 2008r1.5 release, we had option under “menuconfig” to select the MMC/SD for SPI support which is not available in the 2009r1. Is new driver not use the “Blackfin SPI bus directly’?


2)      Has this driver been tested on the BF527?




Thanks & Regards






2009-09-02 06:26:46     Re: MMC/SD on 2009r1 release

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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use the common driver like everyone else.  it's been pretty well tested on every platform that has resources for it.