2009-08-27 13:18:08     PAL Video capture & processing

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2009-08-27 13:18:08     PAL Video capture & processing


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Hello All,


I'm working on a project for university that will involve capturing a PAL TV stream & process it in near real time to hopefully detect things such as on screen logos & audio levels in order to detect ads/commercials.


I’m new to Blackfin but have looked through much of the uClinux site & that there is some support for video capture but it appears limited.


Hopefully somebody can tell me whether the above is realistic for a Blackfin platform using uCLinux?


My preference due to cost & ease of development would be the BF537-STAMP but it would nice to be able to also stream video out. I see on the BFSS537-STAMP only one PPI port is available, is it possible to connect both video capture & video out boards at the same time or should I look at another board?


Many thanks,






2009-08-27 15:52:13     Re: PAL Video capture & processing

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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the # of PPI ports doesnt really have to do with the board but the processor.  the boards bring out all the PPI ports that the hardware offers.


there is plenty of software that can stream data over the network, so the video display could simply be another networked computer.


you didnt say what frame rates you want ... but if you want the PAL standard of 25 FPS, that should be doable, but pushing the hardware limits.