2009-08-17 02:27:50     Generating patch for kernel tree

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2009-08-17 02:27:50     Generating patch for kernel tree

Dave Henning (UNITED STATES)

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I have been working on a uClinux project for a couple of months now.  Most of my development occurs in an external tree, however I have made a few changes now and then to the uclinux-dist tree.  For example:


- modified .config's

- added a couple apps to uclinux-dist/user

- brought in a different version of FFMPEG

- modified board file

- modified 'rc' file


My external tree is in source code control, however, the uclinux-dist tree is not.  I am trying to record all of the changes that I made to the uclinux-dist tree using diff to create a patch file so that other developers can re-create my uclinux-dist tree, however I am having some trouble.


I ran 'make clean' on my uclinux-dist and pulled down the revision that I started with from subversion: 6380.


I ran:


diff -rq uclinux-dist.mine uclinux-dist.6380 | grep -v \.svn


but there were still a lot of differences reported that I had nothing to do with.  It looks like the 'make clean' doesn't really clean things up.


So, I tried running 'make' and 'make clean' on uclinux-dist.6380, but I still had differences.


Is there something I can do to find the differences, possibly with subversion, to identify all of the changes?


Ideally, I would like to have a patch file, but anything that shows all of the changed files would be fine.



Dave ...




2009-08-17 03:28:22     Re: Generating patch for kernel tree

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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`make distclean` cleans more stuff


you really should use the -N option with diff


for excluding, you want --exclude=.svn rather than grepping out the difference


`svn diff` will show you all the changes you've made to files in svn, but not to files that are not tracked by svn.  if you use `svn st` though, that should find you new dirs you added (like ffmpeg).


you really shouldnt be modifying any of the vendor files.  you should be creating your own.  please see: