2009-08-05 01:17:59     usb memory stick mount problem

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2009-08-05 01:17:59     usb memory stick mount problem

Hari Prasad (INDIA)

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I had applied a patch provided by my client onto the kernel uClinux-dist-2009R1-RC1.tar.bz2 after which am facing a mount problem when I try to mount the device. I get the following error:


“mounting /dev/sda1 on /mnt/usb failed: No such device”


However, when I do the mount operation on the original kernel before applying patch, I dont face any such problem.


Could you please let me know what setting could have got changed that is affecting the mount operation? Also, what changes should I make in make menuconfig to enable mount operation?






2009-08-05 01:58:54     Re: usb memory stick mount problem

Sonic Zhang (CHINA)

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The first question is what do you change in your patch to the rc1 kernel?