2009-07-23 08:51:15     Kernel to User Space - Communication

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2009-07-23 08:51:15     Kernel to User Space - Communication

Sheik ibrahim (KUWAIT)

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I am in need to send data rapidly  from kernel interrupt routine to the userspace .


Can any one suggest me which is the best communication method to send data from kernel to user?










2009-07-23 10:26:09     Re: Kernel to User Space - Communication

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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interrupt routines arent in the business of talking directly to userspace.  they process the interrupt and notify another piece of the kernel to wake up and do the processing.  your description is pretty generic, so the generic answer is to use a character device driver -- have it register the IRQ, have the write() function use the completion interfaces to have the process sleep, and then once the IRQ has called the completion function, have the write function do the read/transfer to userspace.


the free LDD3 book more than covers all of this: