2009-07-22 13:48:13     Trouble cloning repository

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2009-07-22 13:48:13     Trouble cloning repository

Patrick Doyle (UNITED STATES)

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I am having a tremendous amount of difficulty cloning the uclinux-dist repository.  Things work for a while, and then the process stalls... forever (well, for as long as I have the patience to wait, which has been pretty long in some cases).  I have tried both git and subversion to fetch the repository with similar results.  I have a vague memory of running into this same problem a couple of years ago (at a different company on a different computer).  I don't recall if I finally got it to work by doing the download late at night, or by keeping a continuous ping going in parallel with the download, or by doing something else.


I'm curious -- has anybody else had similar problems?  What's the best workaround?






2009-07-22 16:29:21     Re: Trouble cloning repository


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Which machine/.port are you hitting?




2009-07-22 20:49:02     Re: Trouble cloning repository

Patrick Doyle (UNITED STATES)

Message: 77893    Hi Robin,


I've tried:





I've even tried the two internal ADI sites (without any success, much

as I suspected)


I've also seen a similar problem using subversion. The checkout/clone

proceeds for a while and just stops.


I believe I've seen this under both Windows and in a VMWare Linux box

(on the Windows machine), but I might be misremembering this.

Regardless, the machine is at MIT, and has a fairly large sized pipe.


The weird thing is, I vaguely recall having this same problem 2-ish

years ago on a different machine at my former company.


I am quite sure that you haven't seen it a) being inside ADI; and b)

if you had, you would have tracked the problem down and killed it. I

was just asking in case anybody else had seen this sort of behavior.






2009-07-22 21:02:34     Re: Trouble cloning repository

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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havent heard any real complaints other than the normal "the uclinux-dist is too large"


in either case, you should be able to restart the operation just fine.  `svn up` should work fine on a partial check out to resume things.




2009-07-23 01:37:42     Re: Trouble cloning repository


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The svn/git repositories aren't attached to the ADI network (they are on the uClinux.org - located in Canada) - and I'm in Europe at the moment - and things work fine for me ...


As Mike suggested - did you try a svn up if things die?






2009-07-23 08:03:20     Re: Trouble cloning repository

Patrick Doyle (UNITED STATES)

Message: 77953    I'll try that next -- I tried my git clone again last night, came in

this morning, and found it hung at 31% this morning. I just tried

restarting it with a git-pull, but I am a little suspicious of the



Last night:

388130 objects

180616 compressed objects

retrieved 123259/388130 objects


This morning:

387847 objects

180615 compressed objects

started retrieving 387847 objects, starting at object 1


(I had hoped that git might restart more gracefully. I am suspicious

that I am retrieving the same 123,259 objects I retrieved last night.)


I'll try restarting the subversion fetch once this fails.


Unless I come to some startling revelation, I won't pester the mailing

list with this issue again. It doesn't seem to be a common problem.






2009-07-23 10:02:15     Re: Trouble cloning repository

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

Message: 77960   


or use rsync to create a local mirror of objects first.  that surely is restartable.