2009-07-22 10:30:23     Has anybody tried compat-wireless-2.6 package?

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2009-07-22 10:30:23     Has anybody tried compat-wireless-2.6 package?

david wang (CHINA)

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Hi, all


  I'm trying to get an compatible wifi driver for the 2008R1.5-RC3, and I find the package of compat-wireless-2.6 old. I download it from   linuxwireless.org , the ref is   wireless.kernel.org/download/compat-wireless-2.6/compat-wireless-2.6.tar.bz2. Tt metions it support 2.6.21 up to 2.6.26. But I read the HOWTO, it just tell me how to make and install in a PC system, little about cross compile. I find below message,


Building for external kernels



If you have a kernel you do not have installed but yet want to build the

compat-wireless-2.6 drivers for it you can use this syntax:


make KLIB=/home/mcgrof/kernels/linux- KLIB_BUILD=/home/mcgrof/kernels/linux-


I do these by change the command to my path and remove all useless wifi modules from the config.mk. but, when I make the package, I got many warnings like below, moreover, In fact, I found I've just built the rt2x00 module, not built any of the modules of the mac80211 and wireless under compat-wireless-old/linux/net/. It would failed for lack of ieee80211_iterate_active_interfaces and ieee80211_iterate_active_interfaces_atomic functions which not exist in the original source codes of the 2008R1.5-RC3.


make -C /home/wangyixin/working/ipcam_new/trunk/uClinux-test/linux-2.6.x M=/home/wangyixin/working/ipcam_new/trunk/samples/compat-wireless-2.6-old modules

make[1]: Entering directory `/home/wangyixin/working/ipcam_new/trunk/uClinux-test/linux-2.6.x'

  Building modules, stage 2.

  MODPOST 2 modules

WARNING: "ieee80211_channel_to_frequency" [/home/wangyixin/working/ipcam_new/trunk/samples/compat-wireless-2.6-old/drivers/net/wireless/rt2x00/rt2x00lib.ko] undefined!

WARNING: "ieee80211_iterate_active_interfaces_atomic" [/home/wangyixin/working/ipcam_new/trunk/samples/compat-wireless-2.6-old/drivers/net/wireless/rt2x00/rt2x00lib.ko] undefined!

WARNING: "ieee80211_iterate_active_interfaces" [/home/wangyixin/working/ipcam_new/trunk/samples/compat-wireless-2.6-old/


Does anyone have ever done this things? Thanks!




2009-07-22 12:13:33     Re: Has anybody tried compat-wireless-2.6 package?

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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we dont really test any out-of-tree kernel modules.  any out-of-tree code we do test we also merge.