2009-07-07 00:41:36     custom u-boot development query

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2009-07-07 00:41:36     custom u-boot development query

Harbhajan Singh (INDIA)

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Hi ,


I am working with the BF527 Custom board. I am working on developing the custom u-boot. Boot mode Is the default mode (0001)


When I flashed the customized u-boot.ldr file into the flash it is not booting and I can not connect the jtag and see what is happening,


it says some error in opening the session. I need to spend some time in erasing the flash.


Is there any way to develop/get the the basic u-boot file for any custom board with blackfin processor specific like for BF533 and later I can verify the developed u-boot file using u-boot.bin fle and go command. And later I can flash the final u-boot into the custom board.


Are there any procedure and what things need to be taken care for smooth working with u-boot.


The flash chip on my custom hardware and the flash chip on the BF527 Ezkit are different.


Please advise




2009-07-07 03:19:46     Re: custom u-boot development query


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This question need to be asked on the u-boot help forum. This is for Linux kernel and uclinux-dist.


For your question, please refer to: