2009-07-02 12:35:05     BF 548 ezkit USB OTG Driver Mode Issue?

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2009-07-02 12:35:05     BF 548 ezkit USB OTG Driver Mode Issue?


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     I'm currently having trouble getting the USB Inventra Controller's Driver to work in OTG (Host & Peripheral) Mode.  I am trying to set my system up to use either a USB Ethernet Gadget connection to a PC, or use a Bluetooth Dongle.  I can get both to work separately with the USB Inventra Driver Mode set to USB Host for the Bluetooth Dongle, or USB Peripheral for the Ethernet Gadget.  When I set the Driver Mode to Both, only the Ethernet Gadget works.  I can not get the controller to switch over to Host mode and detect the Blue Tooth dongle.


     Is this driver currently working?  I've seen the following post from 2008 that says that the driver is not fully tested.-




Are there additional steps I have to perform to get this to work - such as setting up the OTG Targeted Peripherals List, or a manual command I can send to the USB driver to tell it it is now in Host mode?


I mainly want to know if this should be possible to do, or if I should go in another direction, because I am going to need both a bluetooth and a USB ethernet TCP/IP connection.








2009-07-02 12:51:12     Re: BF 548 ezkit USB OTG Driver Mode Issue?


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It wasn't that the software was not fully tested - it was that the hardware was not fully tested at that time. See anomalies 05000346, 05000347, 05000380, 05000420, 05000450, 05000456, 05000327, 05000372 which have been discovered since then. My undertstanding is there are also a few which have not yet made it to the public anomaly lists yet.


As for OTG - I don't think the driver supports it since no one has asked yet.