2009-07-02 01:20:37     usage of jpegview??

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2009-07-02 01:20:37     usage of jpegview??

yuan jiang (CHINA)

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I work on bf527-ezkit & 2009R1.

The jpegview can not display the correct .jpg images on LCD,the image on LCD was divided into three images and confusion.

but video_test runs ok.


root:/mnt> jpegview test.jpg

320 240 320 240 0 0 24 1 -1 -1

framebase = 0x3f003c0 err=0

ImageWidth=320 ImageHeight=240

read test.jpg OK


how to solve this problem?




2009-07-02 01:30:52     Re: usage of jpegview??

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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jpegview is really hardcoded to the LCD used on the BF537-STAMP:



if the parameters dont match (bitsize for example), then you'll get incorrect drawings, but jpegview is just an example app.