2009-06-11 08:12:18     probleam in ping with remote network

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2009-06-11 08:12:18     probleam in ping with remote network

roopesh motewar (INDIA)

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WE build the ip04 successfully. now we are using it with

our application.

i am facing strange problem with networking.

with normal set up i am able to ping any www.XXX.com web site.

but when we put the ip04 in our customer network the ip04

is not able to ping.

the network connections are as follows

ip04<---->cisco(L2) switch<---->cisco(L3)

switch<----->cisco core router(CISCO690X)<---

-->DWPM<------->DWPM<--->cisco core router(CISCO690X)<--->cisco(L3)

switch<------->cisco(L2) switch<------->PC1

presently our providing us voice VLAN port

PC1 and ip04 both are having static IP, but ping is failed from both the side.

for testing the port if i replaced ip04 with PC2 or IP PHONE(snom) the

ping is successful.

i thing it is due to netfilter.


presently i am not able to understand where the things are wrong.

can you help me out to solve this problem









2009-06-11 08:18:23     Re: probleam in ping with remote network

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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the ip04 board is supported in the asterisk forums: