2009-06-08 08:57:32     bfin-spi error..

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2009-06-08 08:57:32     bfin-spi error..

Nikolay Chokoev (IRELAND)

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I have:

bfin-spi bfin-spi.0: No DMA channel specified

error. What does it mean? How can I solve it?


In the configuration is specified:

.enable_dma = 0







2009-06-08 09:04:48     Re: bfin-spi error..

Nikolay Chokoev (IRELAND)

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... it is


.enable_dma = 1 for SPI_BFIN, but why is this error? How to specify the channel?




2009-06-08 12:19:47     Re: bfin-spi error..

Nikolay Chokoev (IRELAND)

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...any hints?




2009-06-08 23:48:15     Re: bfin-spi error..

Sonic Zhang (CHINA)

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What kernel and toolchain release do you use?


What device do you use with the SPI driver?


Have you tried the PIO mode in SPI driver? Does it work?




2009-06-09 04:05:27     Re: bfin-spi error..

Nikolay Chokoev (IRELAND)

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The kernel is:

Linux version (root@dlnx764) (gcc version 4.1.2 (ADI svn)) #215 Mon Jun 8 17:18:12 IST 2009


and the toolchain is version 4.1.2 (ADI svn)


I'm using MMC device.

I haven't tried PIO mode.



It worked fine with the same kernel and toolchain before, but since one of the builds it stopped.  I'm trying to figure out what's happaned...




2009-06-09 04:25:31     Re: bfin-spi error..

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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you need to update your board resources.  look at how the spi resources are declared in any of the ADI boards.




2009-06-09 05:14:54     Re: bfin-spi error..

Nikolay Chokoev (IRELAND)

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That's it, Mike! Thanks a lot!